Freshwater / Watershed Bioassessment

Watershed Assessments:

We currently conduct the monitoring and assessment programs for several of the largest watershed and stormwater agencies in southern California. Beginning in 2002 we developed a team of biologists who can provide all of the services required to successfully manage and complete freshwater bioassessment monitoring for ambient watershed, NPDES and MS4 permittees.

  • Our teams of biologists are fully trained and field audited for each phase of the SWAMP bioassessment protocols (2009) by the Stormwater Monitoring Coalitions (SMC) Regional Monitoring Program, including:
  • Our taxonomy team are active participants in the Southwest Association of Freshwater Taxonomists (SAFIT) and submitting 10% of all samples to the CA Department of Fish and Game for QC re-identification
  • Database management processes that are fully CEDEN and SWAMP compatible and provide for seamless integration of data across parameter types and data sharing across agencies
  • Finally, we provide reports that include all of the statistical analyses and presentation quality graphics and tables for submittal to your clients and regulatory agencies