Dive Survey Operations

The Aquatic Bioassay dive team has been providing professional underwater surveys for over twenty years. We are accredited survey professionals and our capabilities include:

  • Caulerpa taxifolia surveys – based on the most current Fish and Wildlife Service protocols. Our divers are certified by the California Department of Fish and Game.
  • Outfall inspections – conducted using video cameras to document structural integrity.
  • Biological transect surveys – for fish, invertebrates and algae.

Outfall Inspections

Outfall inspections are visual and biological testing methods to determine the contents and potential effects on the environment of waste water being discharged from sewers, storm drains and flood control channels into surface waters of the county or state.

Our outfall inspections are conducted using high-definition video cameras to better document structural integrity and other visual aspects of the discharge that give us more information about the contents of the outfall.

Biological Transect Surveys

Our biological transect surveys assist in determining the effects of municipal sewage and storm drain runoff on a given ecosystem by identifying the density of local fish, invertebrates and algae in a given area. With years of experience in these particular operations, our transect surveys have been proven to be accurate and reliable.

This service includes surveys of…

  • Fish Population Density
  • Invertebrate Population Density
  • Algae Occurrence 

Caulerpa Taxifolia Survey

Widely regarded to be a top invasive species in the United States today, as one of two algae species given mention from the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group, Caulerpa taxifolia poses a danger to our local ecosystems especially native species of seaweed. Caulerpa taxifolia is a very hardy seaweed that is inedible by most sea life. Not only is it inedible but it is actually noxious for many fish and other invertebrate creatures.